Board Members

Indra Rijal

Chief Executive Officer

“With the unwavering support of my team, Meeting Point will continue to play a pivotal role in producing and disseminating information about appropriate and effective multi-sector interventions among policy makers, service providers and beneficiaries. We will do so by focusing on enhancing the company’s performance, optimizing the efficiency of our work and investing in the Nepalese.”

Binaya Khakural

Executive Director

“Meeting Point is a performance driven organization powered by the exceptional innovations and creativity. Gratitude should also be extended to our wonderful clients who have trusted us for our products which eventually have contributed in the execution of Meeting Point’s mission.

Above all, I encourage you to visit this website regularly and travel this exciting journey with us.”

Suresh Simkhada

Managing Director

“It was in 2009 when we began with a new feeling for Meeting Point. All these years have definitely brought transitions in the way we missioned Meeting Point’s journey. Moreover, we in future too, aspire to provide better than average performance as we seem to know the essential communication requirements of our clients"