Yugesh Rajbhandari

Ag. Administrative Officer

Meeting Point Private Limited produced communication materials for 70th World Health Day and commemorated the 70th World Health Day with the theme "Health For All". In this regard, WHO expresses gratitude towards dedication and professionalism of team members along with quality of work.

Franziska Fuerest

Senior Advisor, Support to Health Sector Programme

Franziska Fuerest expresses his appreciation towards Meeting Point for the provided service of Production of a Short Movie entitled, "Gazab ko Card" for the promotion of Social Health Programme.

Hyung Joon Kim

Communication for Development (C4D) Officer

Meeting Point has produced communicaiton materials for introduction of two vaccines, IPV (Inactivaated Polio Vaccine) and PCV (Pneumocial Conjugaate Vaccine) in Nepal. This includes making of IEC materials, TV PSAs and Trainning videos. We have recognized Meeting Point as an outstanding media production and support houseĀ 

Uma Koirala

Chairperson- CSANN

CSANN expresses gratitude to Meeting Point for their constant support and partnership as a Media Agency of CSANN.

Shomina Roy

ADP Manager, Kathmandu

Meeting Point had produced Public Service Announcement for World Vision International Nepal regarding child right and child protection issues featuring Rajesh Hamal. In this regard, World Vision International Nepal awards Certificate of Appreciation to Meeting Point.

Udaya Kumar Bhandari

Section Officer

Meeting Point was assigned for the production of live audio visual feeding and recording of all the activities and meeting of Constituent Assembly. Mr. Bhandari expresses gratitude for the hard work of the technicians and team members of Meeting Point.

Suresh Koirala

Head of Administration and Finance

Mr. Koirala expresses his gratitude towards Meeting Point for all the completed process of concept designing, production and post-production activities with the submission of finalized videos and raw footages for the assignment of producing documentaries for Nutrition Sensitive and Gender Aware Agriculture Project in Jajarkot.

Purna Bahadur Thapa

Project Manager

On the half of KOICA, Mr. Thapa expresses his appreciation towards Meeting Point for providing communication service of "Production of Documentary and PSAs for the Promotion of Social Health Security (National Health Insurance) Program".